fuel additives



Antioxidants can be used to prevent or reduce the formation of harmful byproducts of oxidation, such as deposits and sludge, which can clog fuel injectors and decrease engine performance.

In gasoline, the most common antioxidants are compounds called phenols, which are added to the fuel during the refining process. These antioxidants react with oxygen and other reactive species to prevent the formation of deposits and other harmful byproducts.

In diesel fuel, antioxidants are added to prevent the oxidation of the fuel and the formation of harmful compounds that can cause engine deposits and corrosion. The most commonly used diesel fuel antioxidants are based on a family of compounds called hindered phenols, which are effective at preventing oxidation.

Using antioxidants in fuel is an essential part of maintaining the quality and performance of the fuel and preventing damage to engines and other fuel system components. For biofuels we can supply 3 antioxidants with an AGQM No Harm certification.

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