fuel additives


Dehazers are additives commonly used in fuel to remove or prevent the buildup of haze or cloudiness.

Haze in fuel is often caused by small droplets of water, which can be introduced during transportation, storage, or even refining.

These droplets can accumulate over time and create a cloudy appearance in the fuel, affecting the fuel’s performance and causing engine problems. Dehazers work by breaking down the surface tension of the water droplets, causing them to fuse and settle to the bottom of the fuel tank. This process is known as emulsification, and it helps to separate the water from the fuel, making it easier to remove.

Dehazers are typically added to diesel fuel and gasoline during the blending process and are available in liquid form. They are generally very effective at preventing the buildup of haze in fuel, and they can help prolong the life of engines by reducing the amount of water and contaminants present in the fuel.

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