Projects / Case 2: Water Issue Refinery


When a dehazer becomes a real savior

Providing a dehazer solution for a refinery during its rundown operation presented WRT with a formidable challenge. The gasoil had high water levels causing haziness, making it difficult for the refinery to use the product. We didn’t shy away from the challenge and took it as an opportunity to showcase our expertise.

With innovative approach and technical expertise, we provided a dehazer that effectively removed the water from the product, restoring its clarity and usability. This saved the refinery from potential losses due to unusable products and enabled them to use the product earlier than expected, leading to significant savings on storage and demurrage costs.

Our solution not only solved the immediate problem but also had a ripple effect on the refinery’s overall operations. The improved product quality likely reduced the risk of contamination or quality issues, further enhancing the refinery’s reputation and customer satisfaction. WRT embraced this challenge and found innovative solutions to complex problems. Again we learned that with determination and expertise, anything is possible.

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