Fuel Oil
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Fuel oil

Fuel oil is a petroleum product commonly used for heating, power generation, and industrial processes. It’s typically produced by refining crude oil, although it can also be derived from coal, natural gas, and other sources.

One of the main advantages of fuel oil is that it is a relatively stable and reliable energy source, making it a popular choice for applications where consistent, predictable performance is important. However, fuel oil has several drawbacks, including its high sulfur content, which can contribute to air pollution and other environmental problems, and its tendency to produce carbon emissions when burned.

In recent years, there has been growing interest in alternative energy sources that can help reduce the environmental impact of fuel oil and other fossil fuels. However, fuel oil will likely remain an important energy source for many years, especially in regions where other energy sources are not widely available or cost-effective.

Some common additives that WRT uses to improve the performance and quality of fuel oil include:

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