Pour Point Depressants
fuel additives

Pour Point Depressants

Pour point depressants are chemical additives used in fuels to reduce the pour point, the lowest temperature at which the fuel can still flow.

At low temperatures, the wax molecules in the fuel can solidify and form crystals, blocking fuel lines and making it difficult to pump fuel.

Pour point depressants are commonly used in diesel fuels, fuel oil and crude, especially in cold climates where temperatures drop below freezing. However, they are also used in other petroleum-based fuels, such as lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids, to improve their low-temperature performance.

Several types of pour point depressants exist, including polymers, alkylated naphthalenes, and alkylated phenols. The choice of pour point depressant depends on the type of fuel being treated and the specific performance requirements.

Pour point depressants are an important tool in ensuring the reliable performance of fuels in cold weather conditions.

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