Lubricity Improvers
fuel additives

Lubricity Improvers

Lubricity improvers are additives added to fuels such as diesel and gasoline to enhance their lubricating properties.

These additives are essential in modern fuel formulations that are designed to be more environmentally friendly.

The lubricating properties of fuels are critical for protecting the fuel systems components, such as fuel injectors, pumps, and valves, from wear and tear caused by friction. In addition, they also help to maintain the efficiency of the engine by reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Various types of lubricity improvers are available in the market, including esters, fatty acids, and certain types of polymers. These additives are typically added to the fuel in small concentrations, usually around 50 to 500 parts per million (ppm). Lubricity improvers play a critical role in maintaining the health and efficiency of the fuel system and are an essential component of modern fuel formulations.

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